When Toyota sponsored the NBC Sunday Night Football Game, NBC gave us a 45-second pod during its Halftime Show to run a commercial. We decided to do something special in that media space.

Finding similarities between the Toyota Tundra and the interests of the hard-core football audience we decided to profile “the gutsiest” high school football teams across the nation. “Gutsy” being a very subjective term. Our cross-country trek managed to unearth some truly special teams with their share of both unique and moving stories.

After finding these teams we set out with a documentary filmmaker and his crew to immerse ourselves in the lives of these teams and their communities. We used this documentary footage and evolved our simple “commercial” media buy into an original segment during the NBC Sunday Night Football Halftime show.

Our stories covered topics from playing in extreme heat and extreme cold as well as what it's like to return to the field for the first game after a small town of 1,700 had been destroyed by a tornado. We saw teams so small the players had to play both offense and defense and teams whose parents watched video of the games from their bunkers in Iraq. There was a team that didn't have parents, all they have are their team mates. There were stories of teams with no home fields and totally deaf teams that played hearing teams-- and won. Our broadcast segments covered the main points of the stories, but we also produced eighteen online videos that took a deeper look at the lives and personalities of the people that we spend time with.

Professionally, I am very proud of Line of Scrimmage and I love what we were able to achieve with a limited budget and resources. Personally, it has been one of the most interesting, insightful and ultimately meaningful journeys I have ever been lucky enough to take.

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